Farmstead Offerings

We love so many aspects of our beautiful farmstead…but creating our delicious grass-fed cheeses & caramel dessert sauce is one of our favorite parts!

What makes our Laurel’s Crown Farmstead offerings special?

  • Created & Aged on-site at the Laurel’s Crown Farmstead
  • Made with grass-fed milk from our own Jersey Cows
  • Only using the freshest, simplest ingredients!

Laurel’s Crown Farmstead Cheese


Though all our cheese are our favorite, our shining star is Bebe, an award-winner at the 2017 Good Food Awards.

Badger Mountain Blue

Our resident blue cheese!

Jersey Girl

Our tasty well-rounded tome!

Sweet Summer Gouda

Our sweet Gouda, creamy and delicious is perfect for a melt on a grilled cheese or just snacking on the side!

Fromage Blanc

Creamy, tangy & spreadable, this versatile cheese can pain with all things sweet AND savory!

Farmstead Feta

New this year, our feta has a bite like no other! Creamy and just the perfect amount of dry, our Farmstead Feta is the perfect addition to salad, sandwiches and any savory sides!

Laurel’s Crown Farmstead Dessert Sauces

Holy Cow! Caramel Dessert Sauce

Creamy, gooey and irresistible! Our tasty Holy Cow! Caramel sauce is made with only the simplest ingredients, sans refined sugar AND corn syrup. Perfect for ice cream, popcorn, baking or snacking on right out of the container (we won’t tell!).