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Crafting Cheese From The Ground Up: On a roll with 2019

Welcome 2019! As always the beginning of the New Year is a time for introspection. While 2017 had given us some real zingers, 2018 took us by the hand and gently, but firmly, pulled us in a new direction. It has deposited us on the doorstep of 2019 and said, “Go forth and be joyful in your labors!”

Change is hard. One must grapple with the sadness of loss, the fear of the unknown. But we are blessed. While we have always had the love and support of our family and friends in our endeavor, our new direction puts us back at home among them. Even more exciting, since our return, our circle has widened!

We are grateful to have the continued support of our customers. When we announced our new direction, the first response from a number of them was “what can we do for you?” followed by “let us know when you are ready, we are here for you”. Thank You!

Look out 2019, here we come! Matilda, the tractor, is back on the road, I put in a garden seed order for the first time in four years (Blew my entire budget at Baker Creek Seeds). January means I have to continue clear out the house to be ready for working on the farm as soon as spring arrives. I have to continue haranguing the beleaguered spouse (who has that pesky day job) to beat down the honey-do list.

Thanks for stopping by!