Crafting Cheese From The Ground Up: Winter slowdown…..


Not a lot happening on the farm these days.  With the holidays quickly approaching, the focus tends to be at home.  We are working to get the house we have had for 27 years up for sale.  Lots of maintenance and UGH! Cleaning out the collection of stuff for the downsize of houses.  It is the house all three of our children grew up in and where many, many memories reside.  I have made peace with moving on, it is time and I am anxious to go quickly.

We have spent time at the farm, puttering about.  After living in the great outdoors for 59 years, Matilda (the tractor) has got a room of her own. While it may not seem like much – I look forward to my backside being dry each time I get on the tractor.  And speaking of the nether regions – Santa brought me a new pair of insulated, logging boots for navigating wet and slippery ground.  I am a notorious ankle sprainer and need all the help I can get.

Our drive from Wenatchee to the farm on Hwy 97A is always interesting.  Yesterday, we were finally able to catch a view of the herd of Bighorn Sheep that live above Rocky Reach Dam.  We estimated about 100 sheep scattered about the hillside. There were some pretty impressive horns among the group.

A little Eastern Washington etiquette:  Whenever a vehicle is driving towards you on 97A with emergency flashers going or flashing headlights, it is potentially a caution signal for wildlife on the roadway.  The sheep and deer cross the highway to get to the Columbia River and they are very unpredictable in their movements…i.e. they don’t look both ways! Dusk and nighttime are the worst – there are a couple of areas along the highway signed “high kill area” (depressing huh?) where the crossings are pretty busy.

Another first, we built our first ever fire at the farm in the fire pit my Dad built for us.  My son and his friends kept bending the legs of the small pit by propping their cowboy boots on it, so Dad built one they couldn’t inflict damage on!

It is still unseasonably warm for December.  We do finally have some snow at the 2000 ft. level, the farm is at 1342ft.  Once the sunshine went down, it does get downright chilly.

Thanks for tuning in!  I have to bake fruitcakes.  It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year!