Crafting Cheese From The Ground Up: Welcome!

Welcome to the next chapter of Laurel’s Crown Cheese life!  After 4 years of crafting cheese in Othello, WA,  Laurel’s Crown is transitioning to a Farmstead operation in the Knapp’s Coulee, about 6 miles SW of Chelan on Hwy 97A. This transition has put Laurel’s Crown Cheese on hiatus until the Summer 2019 when we are able to produce our own 100% grass-fed, organic milk and begin crafting cheese again.  In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do!


Photo facing SW toward Wenatchee and Columbia River

Knapp’s Coulee is located at the top of the tunnel on HWY 97A, approximately 30 miles North of Wenatchee.  We have been fortunate to find 13.5 acres. Approximately 10 acres is former orchard land, which has not had apple trees on it since the early 2000’s.  Here and there, we find persistent remnants of it’s former life but for the most part it has been a grass cover that has been mowed and left to decompose.  We were thrilled to discover through soil testing that lead/arsenic in the soil is so small, it is virtually non-existent.  It was a bit shy of organic matter but all that grass cover was tilled in to help improve the situation.

What is a Coulee by the way?  Here is a great definition from the Nature Conservancy:

“Geologically speaking, a coulee is a gully or a ravine that is usually dry and was cut by water action. The term coulee comes from the Canadian French word coulée, derived from the French wordcouler, meaning “to flow.” (”

I have so much to share with you! It is however, way too much for one posting,  Thank you for joining us, buckle up – the learning curve is going to be steep for us and it should be a wild ride!

Laurie Neal, Laurel’s Crown Cheese