Crafting Cheese From The Ground Up: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Winter is slowly creeping in this year in Eastern Washington.  This was last Monday.  Finally today we have snow for the first time.  That really slows things down on the farm!

Matilda’s (the tractor) owie was a broken shaft to the loader so after a month and a half, we finally have the part.  We went up today, planning to put in the shaft and roast a hot dog in celebration.  But the rain had different ideas. The good news?  We’ve got hydraulics!  And we went drove home in the snow to cook the hot dogs.

I have been potting up plants from home to take to start at the farm.  I have hops, raspberries, grapes and other oddball plants.  I salvaged asparagus roots before I tilled the pasture so I expect to have a lovely patch established in the spring.

Looking forward to spring – we are working with Ben of Holt Creek Jerseys, Nebraska,  as our consultant on pasture layouts  and best practices for Jerseys.  Holt Creek specializes in Jerseys with grass based genetics, organic and A2A2 milk  (A topic for another day).  It is our hope will be able to build our herd from this lineage.  Ben has proven to be quite knowledgeable and we look forward to working with him.

This Thanksgiving we are counting the blessings that have come our way with the new Laurel’s Crown Farmstead.  Not to rush winter, but I can’t wait for Spring!

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