Busy Time!

It has been a busy month of construction – I will post more photos after the weekend.  No longer is the trailer just a long tube – it is broken up into the needed spaces.  We hope to be ready to move the trailer to Othello soon and get ready to begin production.

I am incredibly grateful to Community Capital Development through the Seattle Economic Development Fund for their assistance in procuring a USDA Rural Development MicroLoan.  This gives us some extra dollars and will pay for the cheese vat I am SO EXCITED to order!!  75 gallon, hot water jacket and auto stir – doesn’t seem like life can get much better.  I read a quote the other day “If your dreams don’t scare you – they aren’t BIG enough”.  Quite frankly, I am excited yet absolutely terrified at the same time – I’ll take that to mean the dream is big enough for the moment 🙂

cheese vat