Crafting Cheese From The Ground Up: Waltzing Matilda (the tractor)

Oh Matilda, why art thou such a pain in my patootie?

I’m a vintage kinda gal (take that either way you like!)  It was love at first sight, A 1959 Massey Ferguson 65 sitting amongst the weeds in Touchet, WA. She started up right away despite being neglected for a time due to the elderly owner’s poor health.  My Dad, Bob, and his buddy Ron had brought the trailer to load Matilda and bring her home.  Dad restores tractors so Matilda was going to spend some quality time with him before coming to Chelan.

It was a marvelous day in July when Matilda arrived.  Dad had given Matilda a new paint job and a new tractor seat as my birthday present.  We hauled her to the farm and attached the newly purchased used mower to attack the multi-year growth of grass and weeds.     And we started to mow…..then, the first sounds of discontent.  Cutting out, gasping, stalling……….so Dad made the trip back to Chelan, this time hauling his MF 135 to trade so we could keep mowing while Matilda languished in Yakima.  After getting the fuel line reemed out, he brought her back and took the MF 135 home.   Now it was time to till……..put the tiller on, egads! the clutch has decided to die as well as the hydraulic 3 pt lift!  BACK he comes, with MF135 and Matilda gets to meet the great guys at Yakima Implement.  Each time Dad came up, he committed himself to 4 hours of tractor work.  He is a farmer at heart. I am convinced the MF135 was silently screaming, “please, take me home!” since up to this point, it has put more work into the farm than Matilda.

So far, he has made 5 trips to Chelan to help with Matilda and this doesn’t count the HOURS of phone calls for diagnostics. Many thanks to wife Ruth and buddy Ron for making these trips with him.  The Entiat Pub and Grub (which has amazing food and beer, by the way) has become a favorite stopping place.

Matilda currently has ANOTHER owie, but this time my beleaguered spouse, MJNeal, has opted to take on the challenge.  The positive side to this (yes, I can always find one!), at Matilda’s age, not many more things can go wrong.  She is pretty basic, no frills and I love her.  She fits my style.

We have all the facility trailers moved into their permanent places now.  This is a photo of my new view from the cheesemake room.  I can’t wait to get started!

Until the next adventure – thanks for stopping in!!