Floor going down!

Well, the floor is going down – but it sure hasn’t been easy.  Mark has to accommodate sloping floors for drains and be sure everything fits.  It is definitely a slow process, measuring and measuring again before making any significant changes.  Son Arik gets to spend part of his Thanksgiving holiday home from Montana State University Northern, helping out.  You can see there was a fair amount of thinking going on in the second photo! 🙂

floor 1 floor 2 floor 3

Website help…..

As we are in our construction phase, it is important to give credit where credit is due since nothing ever occurs in a vacuum.  This website has been created by Jacob Phillips and Chris Gee.  The photos are a joint collaboration between my daughter Amanda and Jacob.  Their eye for photos is amazing.  So far, the website has been easy to work with (which I definitely need!) and I look forward to getting Laurel’s Crown out into the world.  Amanda is actually the Artist of the original Laurel’s Crown logo.  Many thanks to everyone – it feels like I am raising another child, it takes a village!


Jerseys with Attitude!

jersey attitude


For the past two years I have ventured out to the dairy to pick up milk for practice cheesemaking.  It is great fun to see all the girls (they are a bit shy to get next to…) and the babies are SOOO cute!  I love this photo, this girl has serious attitude.  She should have attitude – the milk and cream these grassfed, organic gals produce are second to none!

Construction underway!

Window #1!
Window #1!
We got windows!
We got windows!

Now that the trailer has arrived in Wenatchee, the construction begins.  Since Mark is a Wenatchee native and I have been here for 35 years, you can imagine many people know us and where we live.  There have been a LOT of questions about the semi-trailer showing up in our driveway!